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15-Jan-12: Hamas, intolerance and Switzerland

Our friends, the neutral and courtly Swiss, are hosting a delegation of Hamas "parliamentarians" at this moment. The details are in this Iranian press report:
Palestinian parliamentary delegation arrives in Switzerland (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - A Palestinian parliamentary delegation of the Hamas-affiliated change and reform bloc arrived in Geneva on Saturday on a few days visit at the invitation of the international parliamentary union (IPU). The three-member delegation headed by Mushir Al-Masri, who is the bloc’s spokesman, is to explain the issue of the Palestinian MPs detained in Israeli occupation jails and the deported Jerusalemite lawmakers. The delegates would attend the 36th session of the IPU human rights committee, which is held twice every year. The Palestinian MPs would have a number of official and public meetings and would attend a conference on the Israeli war on Gaza.
This Hamas excursion is filled with activity. On Wednesday, its head - unbelievably - is going to be an honoured guest at the University of Geneva [this Swiss newspaper report has the details].

If there's anyone out there with connections among the intelligentsia of Geneva, or knows where the Swiss keep their evidently-misplaced moral compasses (Zurich perhaps?), we have some suggested links to share with them so that all relevant parties can get a richer, fuller appreciation of what Hamas actual does and not merely what it says. We make this offer because, somehow, the real meaning of terrorism and the horrifying price it exacts from civil societies frequently gets lost when academicians and international-minded diplomats get involved, as appears to be happening in the Swiss Confederation today.

The first is this Hamas TV gem: "A call to genocide of all Christians and Jews". Click to view a clearly-expressed, unambiguous message from the people who sent the Hamas delegation to snowy, cheery Geneva. And note the key take-away lines, addressed to the god of Hamas:
"Vanquish your enemies, enemies of the religion [Islam] in all places. Strike the Jews and their sympathizers, the Christians and their supporters, the Communists and their adherents. Count them and kill them to the last one. Don't leave even one."
Clear enough?

Then consider this six-minute long video paen to Hamas children's education entitled: "Bombs are more precious than children". [That's not a typographical error.]

And then, so that everyone is fully up to date, there is this report posted on the Ynet website in the last couple of hours:
Hamas files on Gaza vicinity towns leaked online     Terrorist movement collecting intelligence for next round of violence as shown in secret document listing communities within rocket range   -  Roni Shaked | 01.15.12, 11:24 / Israel News:- A Hamas document which has been leaked online shows that despite the relative calm in the south, the terrorist movement is constantly on the go for another round of violence, Yedioth Ahronoth reported. Last Wednesday, a document by the Izz al-Din al-Qassam's military intelligence department was uploaded online. Titled "List of surrounding kibbutzim," the document provides a detailed intelligence survey of kibbutzim and communities in the Gaza vicinity area... The document lists the communities situated up to 6 km from the Gaza Strip – a range within the capacity of the simplest Qassam missiles [including] aerial photos of the communities in which the locations of commercial centers, agricultural plots and even military facilities are marked. They even include telephone numbers and email addresses of the various position-holders in each community. It appears that the intelligence is mainly based on internet information.
Kibbutzim (collective farms) and villages and homes and cars and unprotected, clearly-marked school buses are all the chief targets of the hatred-driven jihadists of the Gaza Strip and their arsenal of thousands of rockets. Being terrorists, their goal is much less to strike at the well-equipped soldiers and military forces of the IDF. This would be secondary. Hamas principally seeks to hurt civilians because its doctrine is to demoralize and to undermine the society of its despised Jewish enemy i.e. families like ours.

Dear Swiss friends: please take a moment to think a little more carefully about the best ways to protect and cherish children - yours and ours and the children of the Gaza Strip. Nothing can be more important.

Then please think for just a few seconds about the life of our beautiful daughter Malki and its tragic end. After that, we believe it will be a simple matter for you to make a much better, smarter decision about how you should treat your Hamas visitors and their vile message of intolerance, fanaticism and death.

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