Tuesday, August 02, 2011

1-Aug-11: School's out, so 26 rocket attacks on Israelis in July and two more tonight

They're prepared for life with the best skills that foreign aid (more
per capita than for any other region on earth) can give them. [Source

It's high summer and the end of the school year. With so many of Gaza's young men coming to the end of their training for life, a training that prepares them for terrorist activity and rifle and rocket fire on Israelis - and little else, we are seeing a significant increase in those attacks.

Early this evening (Monday) according to the only report we have seen so far, another Gazan mortar was fired into the Western Negev region, doing no damage, causing no injury, and therefore failing to live up to the hopes and prayers of the thugs doing the firing.

Later tonight, a Qassam rocket also fired by the terrorists of the Gaza Strip landed in southern Israel, lightly wounding a 50-year-old woman. Haaretz says it fell near one of the communities in the Hof Ashkelon area, causing shrapnel wounds to the civilian woman's legs. She was treated at Barzilai hospital in Ashkelon, along with several other civilians who suffered shock. INN says the shrapnel victim, a Bedouin woman, is the wife of a shepherd from Be'er Sheva who tends his flock in the area several months each year. The shrapnel penetrated her legs while she was at home inside the family tent.

Two additional rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel yesterday (Sunday) near Pit'hat Shalom and Shaar HaNegev. AFP quotes the IDF saying there were 26 such rockets fired at Israelis by the dark forces of the Gaza Strip during July. Every last one of them was directed at Israeli civilians.

It's maddening to us that these rockets go unreported. (Try to find any coverage in the news media serving your area.) Everyone who pays attention understands that there's a kind of roulette process at work here. The Hamas-ruled jihadists fire them off as often as they can manage without being detected, taking care not to be eliminated by Israeli defence forces in the process. The rockets are not fired for their effect. These are hardly fireworks. They are deadly weapons. The intention is for them to kill and maim. They fail more often than they succeed, but the jihadists don't plan to fail and every so often they succeed.

What would you do if they were your neighbours?

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