Thursday, July 14, 2011

14-Jul-11: Three more rockets fired at Israel this afternoon; that's 8 since Wednesday morning

Qassam rockets are the weapon of choice of the
Gazan terrorists in this ongoing war. 
As interested as you probably are in news emanating from this part of the world, we'll bet you're at least a little surprised by the headline. News coverage of rocket attacks on Israeli communities simply don't get reported unless the story includes blood.

Yet more Gazan missiles, fueled by hatred and flung in the general direction of anything Israeli or Jewish, crashed into Israel this afternoon (Thursday). Ynet says there were three of them, adding to the one from this morning and yesterday's four incoming rockets.

This afternoon's three exploded in unidentified (for security reasons) open land in southern parts of Israel. Missing people, schools, kindergartens, factories, buses and homes was not the plan. The thugs of Gaza fire these flying bombs because they are conducting a terrorist war against Israeli civilian society. Being indiscriminate about their targets is part of the character of a terrorist war. It's one of the main reasons these people and the Hamas regime that encourages, protects and equips them, qualify as terrorists.

Why do you think the only places you can read about these constant missile attacks is in blogs like this one and in selected parts of the Israeli media?

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