Wednesday, February 23, 2011

23-Feb-11: The terrorists of Gaza are firing mortars into Israel yet again

YNet says three mortar shells were fired into Israel today, in the general direction of one of the kibbutzim in the Sha'ar Hanegev region, close to the Gaza border. [The Jerusalem Post says there were five.] All landed in open fields without causing injuries or property damage though, as people somehow overlook too often, this was not the outcome that the terrorists wanted.

There were earlier incidents today involving Israeli forces in the area, according to the IDF news blog. Soldiers operating a routine patrol near the northern part of the Gaza Strip security fence came under attack from an explosive device, with two additional mortar shells being fired at civilian targets in the S'dot Negev region of southern Israel. (Fortunately there were no injures or damage then either.) The IDF returned fired from its tanks, hitting one of the terrorists. Two additional explosive charges placed near the southern part of the Gaza Strip security fence were then found and dismantled by the forces. A dozen such devices have been uncovered on the Israeli side of the fence in the past two months.

Earlier still, bulldozers accompanied by tanks were active in the area, doing what security forces must when dealing with a dug-in terrorist force: clearing the ground, and scouting for concealed jihadist weaponry. They came under mortar fire then, and the tanks fired back. The Chinese newsagency Xinhua says Islamic Jihad claimed credit for its terrorists having fired two mortars at the Israeli soldiers and that seven of their men were injured. A Palestinian newsagency says injuries were suffered by what it called two "gravel collectors".

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