Wednesday, February 02, 2011

2-Feb-11: Video - The rockets keep raining on southern Israel

This follows on from yesterday's blog entry in which we wrote of three additional rockets despatched into southern Israel by the terrorists of Hamas-controlled Gaza.

Here below is a thirty-second video clip captured on Monday night by the security cameras at a small and simple synagogue in Netivot where a wedding celebration was in progress.

The kind of frightening moment when a roomful of people realizes an explosion has just struck is something people outside of this neighborhood rarely think about -- and which is at the very heart of what terrorists everywhere aim to achieve.

Our appreciation to Elder of Zion for putting this up on YouTube.

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Fran said...

How dreadful.

Naturally this has not been reported in the UK media. Jeremy (Abu) Bowen is too busy reporting that the 'moderate' Muslim Brotherhood seems to be taking its place to take over from President Mubarak.