Friday, June 04, 2010

4-Jun-10: With the world's media eyes on Gaza, why don't they face eastwards for a moment and cover this?

Yet more lethal Qassam rockets were fired into Israel last night (Thursday) from the jihadist-controlled Gaza Strip. Four missiles, and fortunately no injuries on the Israeli side. But that was not the intention of the cowardly thugs who fire these explosives off on an almost daily basis in the general direction of Israeli towns, farms and homes. They have absolutely no interest in where these land, even if this means they land on the heads of their own people - as happened this week (yet again).

One of yesterday's Qassams (according to YNet) crashed to earth near the beleagured Israeli community of Sderot; fortunately it struck open area near the town. Another rocket landed in the Ashkelon Beach region, near a kibbutz. Another exploded in an open area near one of the kibbutzim in the Sha'ar Hanegev region. [Israeli news reports routinely refrain from being too precise in describing where the thousands of incoming missiles from Gaza land, to minimize the intelligence reaching the jihadists.] And it appears a fourth crashed short of the Gaza border without reaching Israeli territory.

The two rockets that landed near Ashkelon exploded around 9 pm Thursday night in an open area south of the city. Civil defence alert sirens were sounded in facilities and factories in the city's southern industrial zone, prompting terrified employees to take cover. The municipal authorities in the area, about 55 minutes drive south of where we live, say they have been asked to "maintain full alert ahead of the possible firing of Qassams and Grad missiles", yet another "dividend" for Israelis from the "peace-seeking", "humanitarian" Gaza-bound flotilla.

There are many hundreds of foreign journalists and photographers covering Gaza and the abysmally-misnamed Freedom Flotilla at this very moment. So what does it tell you when you check Google News and see that the only news channels that trouble themselves to report four missiles being fired at Israeli civilians are all Israeli?

What is it about terrorism that causes reporters, photographers, editors and analysts to lose their moral compass, journalistic pride and common sense?

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