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4-Jun-10: Memo to Gaza-focused journalists: Just how complicit are you?

In a thoughtful piece, Yossi Klein Halevy writing in the Wall Street Journal yesterday asks what many of us here are thinking: "Has the world lost its mind?"
The outcry in Israel over the operation against the Gaza flotilla has cut across political lines. Yet unlike the outrage being expressed abroad, the concern here is over tactics, not morality... The assumption that Israel was right to stop the flotilla—and right to maintain its siege on Hamas-led Gaza—is largely a given here... How, Israelis wonder, can pro-Hamas activists wielding knives be confused for peace activists? What is pro-peace about strengthening Hamas's grip on Gaza and thereby reducing the likelihood of a two-state solution? For that matter, what is pro-Palestinian about condemning the people of Gaza to jihadist rule?
It's here.

Shraga Simmons illustrates articulately what it means when the practitioners of the news media lose their minds.

And before we leave all this gloom, a reminder from the estimable Khaled Abu Toameh of what the terrorists of Hamas do when everyone is looking the other way (and even when they're not):
Hamas’s security forces on Monday and Tuesday raided the offices of several non-governmental organizations in the Gaza Strip and confiscated equipment and furniture... and other items, including computers, faxes, cameras, documents and reports, in addition to the keys to their doors. The security agents informed the directors that their organizations were closed. They did not provide any reasons behind this decision. The raids were carried out by agents belonging to Hamas’s Internal Security apparatus...
The rest of his report is here. If you can find this reported anywhere else in the world other than in the Jerusalem Post, please let us know.Given the incredibly passionate interest that currently exists for the rights and freedoms of the Gazans, how can we possibly explain this lack of coverage and outrage?

As depressing as the public demonstrations of hypocrisy and journalistic agenda-following are, there are still some bright spots in the darkness. Check out this bitter-sweet satirical glance at the Turkish hate-boat flotilla jamboree. (And if your language skills are up to it, the Hebrew version is even better.)

UPDATE 13-Jun-10: Now that YouTube has disgracefully removed the satirical Flotilla video clip ("We con the world"), here's a new link that works.

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