Friday, June 25, 2010

25-Jun-10: If a dozen missiles are fired into Israel in a single day and no one reports it...

There's a Zen koan that asks us to think about reality: if a tree falls in the forest, it says, and no one is there to hear it, did the falling of the tree make a sound.

We don't blog here to plumb the philosophical depths. But as events spin more and more in the direction of chaos and terror, and as the violent ambitions of the jihadists grow both more open and less understood by many people, it seems very important for us to report here what's happening and what it might mean. That much we can do. And we can ask: does terrorism happen if there's no one willing to report on it? And if the people who are the targets of the terror fight back, is this fighting back or is it some kind of aggression? Sadly, these are not philosophical musings but real and contemporary political challenges.

A total of nine mortar shells and one rocket were fired into Israel yesterday (Thursday). Thankfully, the terrorists did not succeed in causing injuries or serious damage. But, as we keep pointing out here, that's not their intention and never was.

Did you hear about these missile attacks? Thought so.

But you might have seen syndicated stories today like this one from CNN: "Israel bombs targets in Gaza". Or this from Agence France Press: "Israeli warplanes raid Gaza". If you can get past the helpful headline, you would see, buried deep down (so deep most people won't get to it) the reason why the raid and the bombs happened: "A dozen mortar rounds were fired from the Gaza Strip on Thursday, with seven of them hitting Israel but none causing any casualties or damage, an Israeli army spokeswoman said earlier."

The most serious of yesterday's attacks (see YNet's report) was yet another Qassam rocket exploding near one of the kibbutzim (not named in the media reports for reasons of security) just north of the Gaza Strip. This came very shortly after two mortar shells exploded south of a kibbutz in the area called Shaar Hanegev, a stone's throw (so to speak) from the fence with Gaza.

Israel radio news reported last night that at least one of the jihadist rockets failed to get as far as the fence and crashed into some unknown part of the Hamas-controlled area. No one else has reported on that, and past experience tells us no one cares when the Gazan Palestinian Arabs have jihadist missiles accidentally falling onto them from the thugs on their side.

Once again, IDF planes carefully targeted a weapons warehouse last night somewhere in Gaza (one of the many delineated on IDF intelligence maps), as well as two of the hundreds of smuggling tunnels running between the Gaza Strip and either Egypt or Israel. No injuries are reported. The weapons will be replaced within hours.

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