Sunday, November 30, 2008

30-Nov-08: The terrorism grinds on

Far from Mumbai, where the tragic impact of a megacity neutralized and terrified by barbarians is just beginning to be analyzed, terrorism continues to exact its routine, regular, daily price among the civilians of southern Israel.
The Gazan thugs fired yet another Qassam rocket in the general direction of Israel. Today's landing happened in a square in the center of long-suffering Sderot, the Israeli community closest to the Hamas regime's Gazan vipers' nest. No injuries or damage were reported in this attack, but as we have pointed out many times that was not the intention of the terrorists.
Haaretz says "Four additional Qassam rockets hit southern Israel over the weekend. One struck an open field in the Ashkelon Beach regional council, causing no damage or injuries. Another rocket hit mere meters from a home in the Eshkol regional council, causing some property damage to the structure."