Thursday, March 29, 2018

29-Mar-18: High alert for yet more uninvited visitors - this time in Beer Sheva

Police check driver identities in Beer Sheva today [Image Source]
Israel Police announced earlier today (Thursday) the existence of a potential “security incident” in Beer Sheva, as they sent in police reinforcements, according to a Ynet flash around 2:30 this afternoon.

They set up roadblocks and patrolled the city from above by helicopter. Times of Israel said very shortly afterwards that a suspected would-be terrorist and his alleged accomplice are in custody following a manhunt in the area, but there is no confirmation from the police as we write this (3:30 pm).

The police have not yet specified the nature of the threat posed by the suspects.

This is playing out after the spate of infiltrations about which we reported just a few hours ago ["29-Mar-18: Unwanted visitors on Israel's Gaza border"] and just before a major security-centered event that Hamas is orchestrating on the border fence separating the Gaza Strip which it occupies and controls tightly, and Israel.

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