Tuesday, January 23, 2018

23-Jan-18: Arab-on-Israeli stabbing attack at Tapuah Junction

Uploaded to social media from the scene of
the thwarted attack [Image Source]
There are initial reports via the Hebrew-language social media that there has been an Arab-on-Israeli stabbing in the past few minutes (it's now 1:25 pm Tuesday) at Tapuah Junction. The location has been the scene of many previous violent acts of terror (click "Tapuah" to see our previous posts).

The first indications are that two attackers were involved, and that they were stopped - by means of either IDF or Israeli security personnel gunfire to the lower parts of their bodies - from inflicting injuries on their intended victims. Both are alive and in custody.

An initial bulletin via Ynet says:
They were neutralized by Border Policemen who were on the scene. One was shot and wounded, the other was overpowered and apprehended without the use of fire.
The attackers meant to cause serious harm to Israelis (any Israelis - everyone knows how terror works) and failed. To those who stopped them, well done!

More details when we get them.

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