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15-Sep-17: Women, children, parliamentarians, editors and terror

Busy members of the Palestinian Legislative Council [the image is
from 2007 - Source]
The Palestinian Arab terrorist enterprise occasionally drops its guard and allows some of its semi-concealed lethal malevolence to be exposed to the light of day.

Here's an extract from a media report of a heavily-promoted publicity release issued yesterday (Thursday) by several NGOs that agitate for the rights of Palestinian Arab prisoners:
Throughout the month of August, Israeli forces arrested 522 Palestinians, including 130 children, according to a Palestinian human rights organization reported on Thursday. The scores of minors, as well as 16 women, were arrested across the occupied West Bank, the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem, a report jointly issued by the Palestinian Prisoners Club, Al-Mezan Centre for Human Rights, the Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association (Addameer) and the Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs (CDA) said. Since the beginning of 2017, nearly 3,800 Palestinians have been arrested and 6,400 Palestinian prisoners are currently being held in Israeli jails. This number includes MPs, women and children. [Daily Sabah, published in Turkey, September 14, 2017]
(Wikipedia says Daily Sabah - the word means morning - is regarded as a propaganda outlet for Turkey's media-tough government and Erdogan's ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP). In March 2017, after investigating complaints that the paper had an editorial agenda of "spreading hate", the president of the European Parliament banned its distribution there.)

Video grab from a Pal Arab source
The focus of the report and the message of its promoters in obviously concerned with arousing outrage at the notion that barbaric Israelis would consider imprisoning children, women and (gasp) members of parliament.

Do they want readers to know the background? Evidently not.
  • Members of Parliament? Goodness, how do those busy MPs manage to tear themselves away from the daily gruel of parliamentary law-making and oversight for the benefit of those who elected them? Terrorism can be so time-consuming. But they do! We may never know how since the Palestinian Authority parliament has been inactive for more than decade after being formed in 1996. (For some valuable insight from an Arab perspective, see "How Palestine's parliament is squandering millions of dollars", Ahmad Melhem - Al Monitor, February 10, 2016). An announcement was made this past December ["Palestinian parliament to hold first session in a decade"] that those overworked, publicly-funded officials were going to take part in the Palestinian Legislative Council's "first session in a decade". As far as we know, it never happened. It has been more than a decade since its last session. MP's salaries, of course, continue to be paid. None of this, obviously, is mentioned in the Daily Sabah article.
  • Women prisoners? As people who pay more than the usual degree of attention to Palestinian Arab terror, it's evident to us that some of the most vicious sociopaths to have been detained and accommodated inside Israel's security prisons are females. Can't think of a more egregious example than the woman - aged only 21 when she embarked on a life of homicide and terror - who murdered our daughter Malki and the other fourteen humans whose lives were stolen in the bombing attack on Jerusalem's Sbarro pizzeria. Ahlam Tamimi, who now lives in total freedom in Amman, Jordan, with her husband and toddler son, masterminded that massacre and has never stopped boasting publicly about it. It's propelled her to the status of celebrity jihadist and a figure of wide Jordanian admiration. If and when the FBI eventually catches up with her (she features on its Most Wanted Terrorists list), will those Turkish editors try again to arouse anguish at the way woman terrorists are treated? And what do they say about women victims like our Malki, who was murdered at the age of 15?
  • Child prisoners? The active incitement to kill and be killed that emanates from the highest echelons of the Palestinian Arab power pyramid has long been channeled in the specific direction of children [Palestinian Media Watch offers an exhaustive and ongoing overview.] And if we're already addressing this most shameful of inexcusable offences by the rich and manipulative geriatrics who run the Palestinian Authority, let's clarify that very young children, even toddlers, are a major target of the PA propaganda machine: see for instance "On PA televison, young kids incite to violence against Israelis", Times of Israel, February 1, 2017. Daily Sabah could have focused, but didn't, on the unique enabling role in this disgrace that's taken by one man: PA president-for-life Mahmoud Abbas ["Abbas: ‘We Welcome Every Drop of Blood Spilled in Jerusalem’", Wall Street Journal, October 18, 2015]
The pain of the imprisonment of MPs, women and children falls much more heavily on the Palestinian Arab side than on ours. But then so does the responsibility for trivializing the awful deeds that create a society-wide culture of terrorism. Do the editors at Daily Sabah understand the small enabling role they play in that? Are they bothered?


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