Tuesday, January 12, 2016

12-Jan-16: Again - the human bombs of Hamas

The Israeli Arab journalist Khaled Abu Toameh posted this Tweet today:
To put it mildly, this is unwelcome news. It prompted us to post this:
Abu Toameh bases himself on an item on the Arabic-language Almajd.ps website (rendered into English via machine translation):
The resistance cells have reached an advanced stage of preparation for operations... There is no doubt that all attempts by the Zionist enemy in the fight against the armed resistance cells in the occupied West Bank are on their way to failure - the men of the resistance have their own methods to bypass [Israeli] security and intelligence obstacles... The resistance gave the green light for military cells to move and start the second phase of the Jerusalem Uprising and this is what the Zionist enemy will see...
The glorification of so-called "martyrs" whose final actions in life involve stabbing, shooting, vehicle-ramming, bombing; the education of even the youngest of their children to despise Jews and Israelis; the demonization of virtually every aspect of Israeli life and existence... all these aspects of Palestinian Arab society's values as expressed by the actions of its two ever-bickering regimes - the Hamas one in Gaza and the Fatah/PA one in Ramallah - are elements of a spiraling descent likely to produce hideous results in their communities no less than in ours.

Unless they can be stopped.

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