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04-Oct-15: In California, difficulties in understanding Bassem Tamimi, but we're here to help

Yesterday's Stockton article
From Stockton, California, there's a fresh report [here] published just yesterday that has come to our attention. It details a speech made by Bassem Tamimi, described there as "a Palestinian activist", on the campus of San Joaquin Delta College a few days ago. The article helpfully points out that "Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have come out in support of Tamimi."

It appears there were some on-the-ball participants in the audience, and the manner in which their questions were parried kind of gives the whole charade away:
A student who identified herself as Palestinian-American said that because of the language barrier and Tamimi’s accent, it was difficult to understand him and that likely led to some confusion, but explained that the event was not intended to bring answers or solutions, but for Tamimi to share the brutalities he has experienced.
Pretty clearly, the readers of the report are being given a selective and quite disingenuous presentation of what Bassem Tamimi actually stands for. And they got exposure to almost none of the barbarism and brutalities that are so central to the well-documented Tamimi experience.

So today we posted a comment to the site where the report is published, and plan to send this to the reporter as well:
I am the father of Malka Chana Roth. Malki was an American citizen whose murder at the age of 15 here in Jerusalem was masterminded by Bassem Tamimi's cousin. She is Nabi Saleh's most celebrated daughter, but people who know no Arabic will find it hard to learn this, and will probably be surprised. They should not be. What people ought to know about Bassem Tamimi is out there for anyone who wants to find it. 
It's a great pity no one in the San Joaquin Delta College audience posed the questions that we have been anxious to ask the various hosts of the Tamimi tour with no response.
From close and detailed inspection, we know him to be passionately aligned - along with numerous other members of the Nabi Saleh Tamimi clan - with anti-Jewish murder and savagery. And yes, we are at least as aware as your readers of how very differently from that he is portrayed in the US.  
It's such a puzzle.  
If you have a way to put these questions to Tamimi or any of his numerous hosts, and get a response (or even a non-response), actual lives might be saved. We have posted them here: 
Arnold Roth
The Amnesty-backed Bassem Tamimi roadshow tour continues, and in the next two weeks is bound for Santa Fe (later today) then Medford, MA; Boston, MA; Cambridge, MA; Pittsfield, MA in the Berkshires; South Florida, and then winding up in Washington DC. Full details are on the website [here] of the promoters and marketers of the mislabeled goods Tamimi is selling.

UPDATE: Monday night, 05-Oct-15: No response yet from Stockton.

UPDATE: Tuesday night, 06-Oct-15: No response yet from Stockton. And none from the ideologues at Amnesty International, Jewish Voices for Peace, and the assorted vegans and carnivores who are shuffling Bassem Tamimi around the United States. Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to say clearly that the people behind Bassem Tamimi and the Tamimi roadshow are dishonorable, devious and utterly uninterested in having members of the public know the true values for which Bassem Tamimi and his video-centric enterprise stand. People in the Middle East, on all sides of the various fault lines, are certainly going to be injured and, Heaven forbid, killed because of the willful concealing of a violent jihadist agenda for which the Tamimi business serves as camouflage. Shame on all your heads!

UPDATE: Friday 16-Oct-15: No response - not from Stockton, not from the reporter, certainly not from the Amnesty crowd or the poorly-named Jewish Voices for Peace or the vegans all of whom have been so assiduous in pimping and promoting the national roadshow of a man who calls for more and more acts of murder (of Jews) and who actually justifies this by means of cynical abuse of the language of human rights in which he believes (it is obvious to anyone following his messaging) not one bit. What fools he has made of his hosts. And what hypocrites they are revealed to be.

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