Sunday, August 02, 2015

02-Aug-15: Can't make this kind of shot up

A few hours ago, we wrote here about the rocket attack that emanated from the Gaza Strip last night, seeking in the traditional way more Israeli victims. 

Several Israeli reports said there were two rockets in total, and that they came crashing down somewhere more or less on the border fence separating Israel from the Islamist regime's territory. Then when we went looking, we found a credible Gazan source that said there were in fact four rockets in the overnight barrage. And that all four crash-landed on the Gazan side. 

Naturally (since Arab-on-Arab violence in the dark recesses of the Hamas regime's fiefdom has close-to-zero news value in the eyes of the mainstream media) there is not a word published anywhere about Gazan casualties resulting from this latest Gazan Fell Short (that's the name we give to Palestinian Arab rockets that misfire and hit something Gazan instead of something Israeli - they are very, very common). Sad, but nothing new. But worth knowing if you are trying to make sense out of the highly partisan way in which news is and is not reported from the violent margins of the great country in which we live.

Now we see this:

We don't especially want to give this guy the traffic. (Anyone who wants the link can ask, but it's easy to find.) But we do want people to be aware, as Mr Dabour demonstrates so eloquently, that there is almost literally nothing hostile to Israel - no matter how ludicrous, no matter how totally lacking in evidence - that cannot be said by opinion-warriors like him. Nothing is too irresponsible. Nothing is too outlandish. Nothing is too absurd. You can't make this stuff up. 

Ah, but yes you can.

His invented-out-of-whole-cloth claim currently has 123 Retweets and 42 Favorites. The man says he is a doctor who writes for Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, published in London, and for something called Electric Intifada. If they're bothered by the practice of reportage in the way he exemplifies, they appear not to show it. Nor does he. Nor do his fans.

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Anonymous said...

This is no surprise to those who pray that missiles will not enter Israeli territory but go back to from where they came. Even Hamas knows that HaShem sends their missiles away from Israelis. No veapon formed against us will stand.