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16-Jul-15: Abbas' expensive PA reward-for-terror funding scheme pays dividend yet again

European funding of terror is not a mere slogan or a notion
but a lethal ongoing scandal with a bitter price [Image Source]
A month ago, we wrote here ["19-Jun-15: Reports of sniper attack on Israelis north of Jerusalem"] of a shooting attack on two young Israeli men visiting a popular natural spring near the Israeli community of Dolev, a short drive north-west of Jerusalem.

One of the two, Danny Gonen, died soon afterwards of his injuries.

The Islamist terrorists of Hamas disclaimed any connection but offered evidently-sincere congratulations to the shooter and those who sent him.

We also mentioned that the authorities in the town in which the deceased man lived then embarked on a series of actions ("26-Jun-15: Spring of hope and revenge") that, while understandable from an Israeli standpoint, likely baffled people less familiar with the Israeli ethos.

Yesterday we learned ["Terrorist who killed Israeli arrested in West Bank", Haaretz, July 15, 2015] that the shooter has been arrested. And he was not alone. Mohammad Abu Shahin, 39, from Kalandia will be charged with the murder.
In the past weeks a number of Palestinians from the Ramallah area have been apprehended who admitted they were involved in the shooting attack, as well as several other attacks. Abu Shahin, who was imprisoned in the past for involvement in stabbing and shooting attacks, is a Fatah-Tanzim militant who receives a salary from the Palestinian Authority. Among those arrested was Asama Asad, another Tanzim member who was released in the Gilad Shalit deal.
Everyone released in the Shalit Deal, without exception we are reliably told, gets admitted into the PA's reward-for-terror scheme. They call it something else, but that's what it is.

At Ynet they add that Abu Shahin is
a member of the Palestinian Authority's elite Force 17 unit. He was imprisoned between 2006-2008 after confessing his intention to carry out a terror attack. During questioning, Abu Shaheen confessed to the shooting and said he had collected intelligence before committing the attack. He also admitted to six other shooting attacks in the last year, including one in November 2014 in Al-Ram, in which a soldier was wounded. The five were arrested about a week and a half after the attack, when troops raided the suspects' homes... The attack took place on June 19, when Gonen and a friend were driving away from a spring near the Dolev settlement in the Binyamin area of the West Bank. A Palestinian man signaled for them to stop as if to ask for help before firing at them from point-blank range, critically wounding Gonen... [Israeli security forces arrest terror cell behind murder of Danny Gonen | Ynet, July 15, 2015
More on Force 17 here. The others arrested:
  • Asraf Amar, 24, a member of the PA's military Intelligence
  • Osama (or Asama) Assad, 29, a Fatah member and convicted terrorist who was released by Israel in the 2011 Shalit Deal
  • Muhammed Aduan, 37 
Mahmoud Abbas greets - with hugs and kisses - a long line of terrorists
freed that day from their Israeli prison cells. The PA's European-funded
reward-for-terror bonuses were issued to them soon afterwards
[Image Source: CNN Video grab]
(A related matter: prisoners released in the 2011 act of Hamas extortion known as the Shalit Deal who are subsequently arrested on terrorism charges are supposed, under the terms of the commutation, to be sent right back to serve the terms which had been conditionally commuted prior to the deal being done. There have been some seventy such re-arrests. Are they all now back behind bars and serving out the balance of their original un-commuted sentences? It's a very serious question. Write to us [] if you are interested to know.)

One of the key points to arise from these arrests is the involvement in the killing of people receiving Palestinian Authority reward-for-terror payments. It's a subject that simply incenses us. At the same time, we have noticed that leaves the people - mainly European taxpayers, European government officials, and European politicians - who fund it mostly unmoved, for reasons that are simply beyond us. For background, please re-visit these posts:
UPDATE: The indefatigable BBCwatch which does an excellent job of noticing such things points out [here] that both the shooting attack and the murder in June went unreported at "The World's Radio Station", and so have the arrests.

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