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22-May-15: Yet another Australian "normal guy" joins barbarians as government announces passport-driven counter-strategy

The Islamist propaganda video features an Australian
doctor urging Moslem health workers to join him in Syria
[Image Source: Screen shot captured from ISIS video]
Australia's Border Force Counter-Terrorism Unit says it has stopped nearly 300 people deemed national securit­y risks from leaving via its airports over the past nine months. Those individuals earned the attention of the authorities by being identified as "foreign fighters, jihadi brides and those involved in financing terrorism".

Not all were stopped, however. A glitzy 15-minute long recruitment video (featured here), published in April by one of the most blood-lusting of the various Islamist groups building a new Middle East "stars" a Australian-trained doctor raised in a Perth home where he "attended Al-Hidayah Islamic School in Bentley and Lynwood Senior High School, both in Perth’s eastern suburbs".

Now he regales in the nom-de-slaughter Abu Yousef Al-Australi from a new home somewhere in the killing fields of Syria. Pointedly ignoring the reality of the torrential Arab-on-Arab carnage going on hourly in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and the fact that he himself has now become a willing participant, the man - real name Tareq Kamleh - declares that despite what we might think, it's Australia that has blood on its hands:
"I saw this as part of my jihad for Islam, to help the muslims ummah (community) in the area that I could, which is the medical field," Dr Kamleh says in an Australian accent... [B]eing in IS-controlled territory made him "very happy". "I wished that I'd come a lot sooner." [Sydney Morning Herald, April 25, 2015]
Australians who knew Tareq Kamleh before he came a lot sooner are portraying him in ways familiar to anyone who follows media coverage of Islamist terrorists once they are outed. Australian news reports quote him as "a pretty normal guy"; "no signs of holding extreme Islamic views"; "a womaniser who regularly drank alcohol" (according to a woman friend); "seemed to be sound and focused on the care of his patients"; and so on.

There are also those who know the son of a Palestinian father and a German Catholic mother ("who converted to Islam and became ultra-religious") from Thornlie, a Perth, West Australian suburb, as "a lazy doctor who would flirt with his patients and use his charm and good looks to get nurses to do his work". And (naturally) he's also called "a bit of a lost soul" with a "massive ego" [Brisbane Times, April 29, 2015].

(Is he connected to another Australian Kamleh convicted of murdering a prostitute 15 years ago - see this legal note? We don't know - no one seems to have mentioned it in the media yet.)

Australian media: Trying to make sense of the lunacy
[Image Source]
Setting to one side for a moment the self-delusional aspect of this fellow's moment in the media spotlight, the sociopathic pre-occupation of the ISIS Islamists with doctors is in fact a known reality. Just a month ago, it was reported that ISIS foot-soldiers
executed 10 doctors who refused to treat wounded members of the terrorist organisation. The jihadists sustained injuries while fighting in the Hammam al-Alil area and required medical treatment. However, the doctors were unwilling to support the terror group's activities, and refused to treat them. They were shot in the head for their defiance. Graphic photographs of their final moments were released on social media, while Al-Sumaria satellite television reported the details of the doctors' murders in the northern Iraqi desert... IS fighters routinely carry out such horrific executions in accordance with their radical interpretation of Sharia law. [Source]
Kamleh, speaking directly into the camera, expresses his disappointment that greater numbers of Moslem professionals, especially in the health fields, have not already made the religious decision he did and join the jihad. He reiterates what a very happy camper he is in his new home, a move he calls "very well educated and calculated", by promising he does not intend to return. This might be a popular decision to judge from the viewpoints widely posted on Australian forums and discussion groups in the wake of his appearance.

But he might not even have that choice. Once he and his fellow savages have had their fill of massacre, beheadings and rape (and assuming he remains alive that long), he may need to give creative consideration to his future in Australia.

An article in The Australian yesterday explains why:
Second-generation Australians involved in terrorism face being stripped of their citizenship, along with dual nationals, as part of the Abbott government’s efforts to tighten national security laws. The Australian understands the government is examining ways to revoke or suspend the ­citizenship of hate preachers and foreign fighters, including Australians who have one or both parents born overseas, in a bid to tackle the growing threat of homegrown jihadi­sts. The government is actively considering whether it would be possible to strip them of their Australian citizenship, forcing them to take out citizenship in the country of their parents’ birth... National security agencies are watching a large number of radic­alised second-generation Australians... Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said yesterday there was a “determination by the government to keep our population as safe as we possibly can, particularly with the current threats, particularly given the amount of radicalisation that is taking place in back rooms, in kids’ bedrooms”... "It’s hard for me to walk down the street without people saying: ‘Why do we allow these people to come back into the country if they are going off to fight in a foreign land? Why do we allow them to return to Australia even more radicalised to do harm to us here?' ...Under the Australian Citizenship Act, the minister has the power to revoke citizenship... The government wants to modernise the citizenship laws to deal with Australians going to Syria or other terrorist zones and taking up arms with jihadis... “We work now with the Islamic leaders and we identify radical threats,’’ the Immigration Minister said. “We want to work even more closely with them in regards to any proposed changes around citizenship."...Mr Dutton said: “It is a privilege to be an Australian citizen even by birth and if people are involved in terrorist activities the government is examining what options might be available in terms of suspension of privileges..." [The Australian, May 21, 2015]
There has been a scattering of mild, soft-focus condemnations of the doctor in the recruitment video by Australian Muslims (like these worthy words from an imam in outback Australia). And spokespeople from the Australian medical profession who have spoken out in clear, measured terms expressing revulsion at the direction Kamleh's life and profession have taken.

So far, however, we have found nothing meaningful or unambiguous from the West Australian school (in particular) that educated Kamleh or from any of the numerous (and flourishing) Islamic representative bodies in Australia in condemnation of Kamleh's call to do jihad with his ISIS savages or taking any position on it. (It's difficult to be sure about things you can't locate. We will of course be happy to be corrected. Everyone wins if we are wrong on this.)

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