Thursday, March 19, 2015

19-Mar-15: Popular, polite, friendly, hard-working and desperate to play a role in the carnage

A Turkish news source carries this photo of
the arrested female today. It was taken in Turkey
while she was held there by the police [Image Source]
More developments today from the United Kingdom which, like virtually all of Europe, has been transformed into the staging ground for ongoing, religion-inspired carnage on a scale that not enough people actually comprehend:
A 21-year-old British woman was arrested today by counter-terror police at Luton Airport after landing on a flight from Istanbul, Scotland Yard said. Scotland Yard said the 21-year-old was detained at 11.15 this morning after landing on a flight from Istanbul. She was arrested on suspicion of preparation of acts of terrorism and is currently in custody at a police station in South London. [ITV News, today]
Another British source says the woman is a convert to Islam:
Jamila Henry, 21, was arrested this week in Turkey, but it is alleged she has been travelling on the passport of her identical twin sister, Jalila, who is not a Muslim... Turkish media later published images of Jamila Henry after she was arrested, wearing a black headscarf. Turkish daily Sabah reported that Jamila had admitted plans to travel to Syria to join Islamic State, because she had married a man who was fighting for the militant jihadi group. [Huffingtom Post UK, today]
At Times of London, they reported yesterday that she had been arrested earlier while on her way. That made her "the fourth Briton in less than a week... to be detained by the Turkish authorities on suspicion of trying to reach Syria and join Islamic State". As with similar cases of other men and women in their twenties (or younger), raised in democratic, open Western societies and now embracing the values of a death-and-murder cult, this woman and her sister are said to have been ‘popular and polite’ in their youth.
A fellow pupil at Sellincourt Primary School in Wandsworth, South London, said: "They were very nice, friendly, hard-working girls. I can’t imagine one of them ever wanting to join Islamic State." ...Relatives said she converted to Islam a few years ago and they have had little contact with her since... Jamila was arrested by Turkish security services as she prepared to board a bus in the capital Ankara. Agents suspect she was trying to travel to the border with Syria. Turkish officials said authorities apprehended the woman based on local intelligence and were not tipped off by British authorities. Messages and images on her mobile phone suggested she was planning to head to Islamic State territory, they alleged... At her £500,000 home in nearby Streatham, the twins’ mother, Patricia Henry, 50, said she was ‘getting together with her relatives’ to discuss how to respond to the arrest... Security services estimate 600 Britons have gone to Syria or Iraq to join militant groups. [Daily Mail UK, March 19, 2015]
By "militant", they of course mean the kind of terrorism-minded person who as a matter of religious obligation engages in bestial forms of incitementtortureabusehomicide and dismemberment - when the opportunity presents itself. Traveling to the killing fields of Syria is the shortest path to such opportunities. The attempt itself expresses a deeply sociopathic urge.

We can only hope the British authorities fully grasp the importance of sending an uncompromisingly discouraging message to other jihad-minded terrorism-tourists en route, already there (and perhaps thinking of coming back) or preparing to go. And that more Europeans manage to confront the process - going on daily under their noses - by which a teeny-tiny minuscule fraction of their neighbours' children are being converted into pathological, murder-seeking fanatics, brimful of hatred for the values and people of the societies that raised them.

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