Monday, July 28, 2014

28-Jul-14: Darkening clouds this side of Gaza

"Stone-throwing" Palestinian Arab "activists" [Image Source]
For Israelis, the disturbing signs of an armed terrorist insurrection emerging from multiple quarters among the Arabs who shares our cities, hospitals and buses - the non-Gaza Arabs - are mounting and becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. A small and random selection:

A Mahmoud Abbas speech signals preparations for war
Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas ended a speech about the current conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza with a quote from the Quran justifying war. His Fatah party interpreted Abbas' statement to mean that fighting against Israel is justified on religious Islamic grounds: "[PA] President [Mahmoud Abbas] concluded his brief speech with the first verse of the Quran that permits Muslims to wage war for Allah." [Facebook, "Fatah - The Main Page", July 22, 2014] [Source: Palestinian Media Watch | July 24, 2014]
Scene of yesterday's intercept
[Image Source]
A foiled terror attack on Jerusalem's southern fringe on Sunday morning
Security forces intercept a Palestinian Arab vehicle on outskirts of Jerusalem this morning driving from the Jerusalem suburban community of Tzur Hadassah, to the nearby town of Beitar Illit. The vehicle approaches a Border Police security checkpoint where a policeman observes the Palestinian driver acting "strangely'. From Times of Israel's report: "He orders the car to stop and turn off the engine. When the driver doesn’t respond, he leans in the driver’s window to remove the keys himself. The driver then accelerates, leaving the policeman hanging halfway out the driver’s-side window. The policeman pulls out his handgun and yells at the driver to stop. The car stops. In the ensuing search of the vehicle, police discover gasoline tanks in the car’s trunk linked to an explosive detonator. The driver is arrested... [his car] turns out to be rigged with explosives and multiple gasoline tanks
Temple Mount crowd this morning
[Image Source]
In Jerusalem, this morning's religious prayer service becomes an incitement fest
Tens of thousands of Palestinians rallied in support of war-torn Gaza Monday as they gathered to pray at Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque at the start of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr. Police put the number of worshippers at 45,000 people, with an AFP correspondent saying many were dressed in black t-shirts emblazoned with slogans reading "Gaza, supporting you is our Eid" and "We are all Gaza." Others wore T-shirts proclaiming support for Hamas's armed wing, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, which has been locked in a 21-day confrontation with Israeli troops in Gaza... Among the crowds was a young child on someone's shoulders holding up a plastic gun. "Kidnap more soldiers!" they chanted. "Our blood for Gaza." Police distanced themselves from the crowd which soon dispersed without incident, the correspondent said. [Agence France Press, July 28, 2014]
Yasser Abbas on YouTube
The PA's most inside insiders tell the Palestinian Arabs they are confronting "a Nazi army"
Yasser Abbas, son of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, donated blood "for the martyrs" of Gaza some days ago, and managed at the same time to conduct an interview which was shortly afterwards screened on official Palestinian Authority TV. Subsequently it was translated from the original Arabic by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) and published by MEMRI website on YouTube (here). In it, the younger Abbas asserts that "even the Nazis would have been ashamed" to act like the army of Israel. We will not forget, he says; we will just become more extreme"...

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Honestly, those are "stone throwing Arabs?" Those stones could not be heaved more than 3 feet! as for the driver with the gasoline tanks, I hope he was read his Miranda rights.