Saturday, April 05, 2014

5-Apr-14: Saturday night rocket attack from Gaza; that's 5, mainly unreported, in the past two days

Walla! (Hebrew) reports that a rocket despatched from somewhere in the Gaza Strip exploded this evening (Saturday) around 7:30 pm in the Hof Ashkelon region of southern Israel. Home to some 19 communities, it's the same area that suffered an incoming rocket explosion on Friday afternoon [4-Apr-14: Friday afternoon rocket attack on southern Israel]

As with Friday's attack, no injuries and no damage are reported at this stage, but it's a preliminary assessment. The Jerusalem Post and the IDF Spokesperson point out that tonight's rocket is the fifth in the past two days. Most people, even those who follow events in Israel closely, don't know because most of the rocket attacks on Israel go unreported. 

In the Arab world, they take an especially disingenuous approach to reporting tonight's attempt at a terrorist outrage:
The majority of these attacks, which primarily involve homemade projectiles, land harmlessly in open areas across southern Israel. [Maan News Agency, an independent Palestinian Arab source, this evening]
In the world of asymmetrical warfare, which is the shape of much of the global conflict destroying lives and communities in the past decade, almost everything destructive can be called "home-made". It covers tools of mass-murder and devastation. Maan might have mentioned that the fighters are also home-made: lacking military uniforms, formal structure and sovereign state control, they are too easily dismissed as irregulars or non-state actors... unless you have the misfortune to be living in their cross-hairs. 

Those tens of thousands of rockets stored inside homes, hospital basements and mosques throughout the terrorist-infested Gaza Strip are home-made only in the sense that Gaza is the home of a terrorist cult that practices its dark arts via numerous cultist factions, united by a passion for killing those they are taught to hate. And that's before we flesh out the home-made meme by including the vast smuggling of rockets, certainly not home-made, from sources mainly in Iran and via and from Iranian clients. An Egyptian Al-Akhbar article from a month ago sheds some light on the phenomenon.

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