Saturday, April 12, 2014

12-Apr-14: For Brits infuriated by irresponsible British taxpayer-funded support of Palestinian Authority's death-cult industry

British parliament [Source: Wikipedia]
Petitions are commonplace in the era of Internet access. But some petitions are clearly more important than others, and if it's easy to sign them, they are no less important for that.

There is only one petition we have promoted here in the years that we have been writing this blog. Now there's a second. It's addressed to the British Government's Department for International Development and it relates to a theme that is core to the things we try to say here. Here's the text from the petition site:
The Palestinian Authority (PA) currently provides salaries to any Palestinian convicted of committing terrorism offences against Israel. These wages are directly pegged to the length of the sentence, so the more grievous the crime, the higher the salary. Since these wages are much larger than those earned by average Palestinians, they clearly reward violence, including murder, and undermine peace. Around 40 per cent of the PA’s budget is made up from donor aid; the UK government has promised £33 million of taxpayer’s money for the 2013/14 period alone. The Palestinian ministers responsible for this policy publicly deride international donors who express unhappiness with their money being used to pay terrorists; only a credible threat of this aid being removed will alter the situation. We are therefore calling on DFID to cease all direct funding to the Palestinian Authority until it agrees to no longer provide salaries for those convicted of committing violent acts against Israel.
For some European support for the message in the petition, please click on a post we published here just a couple of days ago.

Since we're not British, we're not eligible to sign. But if you are, please click here to go to the sign-on page and send a strong message to London.

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