Saturday, December 07, 2013

7-Dec-13: Rocket fusillade fired from Gaza into southern Israel this afternoon falls short. News media yawn.

Ynet reported during the afternoon hours today (Saturday) that three rockets were fired by people on the Hamas side of Israel's border with the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip.

The rockets, fired as always in the general direction of Israel and seeking Israeli victims, fell short and exploded near the border on the Palestinian Arab side.

The IDF has not yet confirmed the report, which was later echoed by the Jerusalem Post, Xinhua, Times of Israel and a small handful of others, that there are no reports of injuries or damage. That formulation almost always refers to no injuries and no damage on the Israeli side. Past experience tells us that frequently those "fell short" terrorist attacks on Israel (like the most recent one on November 26, 2013) do cause injuries and property damage and, less, often, deaths among the Palestinian Arab Gazan civilians. But journalism being what it is, the facts about those self-inflicted Arab casualties of those "fell shorts" almost never rise to the level of reportable news.

It's an utter certainty, though, that if and when the Israeli military locates the source of today's rocket fire or facilities that were part of the Gaza food-chain leading up to the attack, and then takes the customary measured and precise military steps to neutralize them, that is something we can certainly count on hearing about, and in detail, via the mainstream news.

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