Monday, December 23, 2013

23-Dec-13: As more terrorists are set to walk free, an Israeli policeman is stabbed in the back

The shopping center in Adam [Image Source]
Barely a day after a thwarted passenger-bus bombing attack in suburban Tel Aviv [we reported on that here], and another rocket attack on communities in southern Israel early this morning, a police officer directing traffic at a busy intersection in the vicinity of Adam, a suburban community on Jerusalem's northern fringe, during the evening rush hour was attacked from behind by a Palestinian Arab armed with a knife.

The terrorist plunged the knife into the victim's back, causing moderate injuries which are being treated at this hour in Jerusalem’s Shaarei Zedek Medical Center where he was brought with the knife still in him. The latest report says police are still scouring the area for the attacker. Over at Ynet, they reported around 7:30 pm that the six inch-long knife was "embedded entirely in his back" and "was very close to his heart and other vital organs... His condition is defined as moderate and stable. We treated him in the trauma unit and stabilized his condition. In the last few minutes he was transferred to the operating room, where we will know the exact extent of his injuries."

Another knifing attack was thwarted in the Mishor Adumim Industrial Park just yesterday (Sunday). Times of Israel says three Palestinian Arabs arrived by taxi at the checkpoint adjacent to the park and approached the nearby Border Police guard emplacement. They were apprehended when one was found to be carrying a knife in his hand, and are being interrogated.

Against this background, a reminder that, under intense US pressure and in response to demands from the Palestinian Authority regime, the government of Israel says it is plans to free 26 more convicted killers, every one of them a self-defined terrorist, six days from now. To us, the notion of treating convicted and unrepentant terrorists who have been sentenced to lengthy prison terms as pawns in some political process contradicts the most fundamental notions of how justice needs to work. We find it appalling.

It's sad and strange to reflect on the fact that there are sober political figures who evidently feel what's missing from the current complex situation is more convicted murdering terrorists in the villages and cities of the PA.

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