Monday, November 05, 2012

5-Nov-12: Incoming missile alert at 11:30 this morning

We are seeing reports of incoming missile/s at 11:30 this morning (Monday) in three southern Israel regions: Eshkol, Sdot Negev, Shaar Hanegev. Initial indications, unconfirmed and unreported, suggest the crash and explosion took place on the Palestinian Arab side of the Gaza border, as happens frequently but as is almost never reported.

GANSO, an EU agency that provides security updates to the small army of foreign aid workers serving the population of Gaza, and whose reports soothingly refer to terrorist missiles as "HMRs", meaning home-made rockets, is saying nothing about it at the moment.

However the GANSO alerts page does report that much earlier this morning "A hand grenade exploded in Al Nuseirat, MA, killing 1 Pal". MA is how GANSO refers to the Middle Area of the Gaza enclave, and "1 Pal" is their very humanitarian way of referring to a dead Palestinian Arab Gazan resident who either mis-handled his own grenade or was the victim of some other bumbling thug.

If this morning's rocket or rockets did in fact explode on to a Palestinian Arab residential or industrial section of the Gaza Strip, it is highly unlikely we will get any reports via news channels. Such "fell short" explosions are common.

Meanwhile the hundreds of thousands of Israeli who live within firing distance of the Gazan terrorists are the victims of a terrifying encounter with lethal fire directed at them again today. But almost no one outside their own neighbours even knows about it.

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