Wednesday, November 21, 2012

21-Nov-12 UPDATED: The buses are exploding once again

Hamas has already demanded 'credit' for today's attempted mass murder
of bus passengers in central Tel Aviv
A public bus plying one of the central Tel Aviv routes became the scene for the latest escalation of the jihadist war of terror being waged against Israel's civilians. Around noon Wednesday, the bus was blown up, causing 21 people on board to suffer injuries, three of them "seriously" which can cover a broad spectrum of outcomes. We're awaiting further details. [UPDATE Friday November 23, 2012 1:15 am update from Times of Israel on an arrest and confession here.]

Times of Israel is reporting that a man was seen placing a bag on the bus and then fleeing. He was chased by police through the streets of Tel Aviv, and apprehended. We have heard that a second suspect was also caught, though we still await confirmation.

The people, making the necessary connection between this form of direct terrorism and the larger, ongoing terrorism executed by the rocketeers of Gaza, reiterated what Israelis know but of which they need to be reminded again and again: everyone on Israel's streets needs to be alert, and anything suspicious should be reported to the police without hesitation.

It's not too early for the terrorist groups to begin their claims of 'credit'. Hamas has announced in the last hour [source] that this was one of its projects (whether or not this is factually true). Celebratory gunfire is already reported [source] in the Gaza Strip this afternoon.

The cowardice of the relatively few beasts who place bombs on buses is matched and trumped by the vile hatred emanating from the much larger number of man-in-the-street supporters for whom the killing of commuters is a victory - provided those passengers are Jews.

For those who thought we have freed ourselves from the rule of the swamp and the darkest parts of the jungle, a reminder that our defensive war of life and death against the forces of hatred, racism and the religiously inspired maiming of innocents is not only not over but once again reaching for new and greater depths.

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