Friday, July 20, 2012

20-Jul-12: Home truths from a US diplomat: "What happened in the US on September 11 can happen in any country..."

The bombed bus is towed away from the airport and chapter one has ended.
But like all acts of terror, it remains a work in progress

America's ambassador to Bulgaria delivered some comments this morning (Friday) that deserve a wider audience than the Bulgarians alone. The report below comes from the Sofia News Agency.
If terrorists can hit the US, they can strike anywhere, the American Ambassador in Sofia, James Warlick, says. Speaking Friday, in an interview for the Bulgarian National Television, BNT, the diplomat explained that no country is safe from terrorism, which is a threat for everyone across the globe. "Terrorists can strike anywhere. What happened in the US on September 11 can happen in any country. This is what happened in your country," he stressed. According to him, terrorist plots are unpredictable. Regarding the terrorist attack at the airport of the Black Sea city of Burgas, Warlick stated that it aimed at Israeli citizens, who were vulnerable in Bulgaria. "There is no country that can be 100% prepared for such situation," the Ambassador commented, adding the reaction of Bulgarian authorities has been adequate... 
Without a doubt, Bulgarians are now facing issues they would much rather not have to face. Since we believe it's a process that many other nations are going to be confronting in the foreseeable future, we want to share (for the first time in this blog's history) a Bulgarian op ed written in very accessible and cogent English-language terms. The article, also published this morning, is called "Bulgaria Will Never Be The Same", and the writer's name is Maxim Behar:
Terror doesn't have two faces, or any more than that. It has one face only – the face of death, horror, tragedy. To that, I would add pointlessness. Absolute pointlessness... There is nothing more savage, more inexplicable, and more shocking than terror. That is why Bulgaria will never be the same.
The full op ed is here. Our sympathy and support are offered to Bulgaria.

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