Tuesday, June 26, 2012

26-Jun-12: This morning's rocket attack on southern Israel caused damage to property. But property is not what they sought to hit.

Running for cover in Sderot. No one, least of all the thugs
who fire them, knows for sure who or what's going to be hit next time.
Next time is hours away. [Image Source]
The intense rocket fire on southern Israel of last week has passed. The more normal situation of a rocket here, a rocket there, prevails once again as it has for most of the past decade. 

The way we see it, there is no reason for any self-respecting government to put up with this sort of Russian Roulette. But it's clear that this viewpoint is not widely shared outside of Israel, as evidenced by the zero level of media reporting on the indiscriminate rocket fire engaged in by the terror gangs of the Gaza Strip under Hamas leadership.

Another rocket, evidently a Qassam, exploded in southern Israel in the early hours of this morning [report]. It crashed into the grounds of an agricultural community - a kibbutz - whose name and exact location are not being publicized for reasons of the residents' security. A chicken coop was hit. Dead chickens don't, and should not, evoke the horror and passions that dead human beings, dead children, do. But from the standpoint of the rocket-rich Palestinian Arab terrorists of Gaza, it's the same. They hurl the rockets into the air in the general direction of Israel, and they pray to their deity that he should guide the explosive head to where it can do his will in the most effective way

Thank heavens, most of their attempts at killing Israelis fail. This, as we keep saying, is not the outcome they want and has much more to do with luck than design. Until they are stopped, they will keep doing it and will keep trying for a more 'productive' outcome. They have almost unimaginably deep reserves of rockets hidden away in residential parts of the Gaza Strip, inside the basements of apartment buildings, hospitals and mosques. They count on Israel's reluctance to cause massive collateral damage by attacking the known locations of these lethal arsenals.

But sooner or later, the thugs of Gaza will get lucky. They will hit a target of 'value', one which entails hurting and/or killing Jewish and/or Israeli human beings, as has happened numerous times in the past. 

To get a very mild sense of what that means, and without in any way deprecating the nastiness of a rocket attack on poultry (since we know why this was done), take a look now at what a bombed chicken coop in southern Israel looks like when a Gazan rocket makes a hit. It's a video from some months ago, very similar circumstances to today's explosion. See it here.

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