Monday, February 13, 2012

13-Feb-12: Terrorist attack on Israel's Indian and Georgian embassies [UPDATED]

AP is reporting that an explosion tore through an Israeli diplomat's car on the streets of New Delhi a short time ago, injuring one so-far-unidentified person. (Reuters is saying it's a woman.) It says TV footage shows a charred minivan with blue diplomatic plates, its rear door apparently blown out. Indian police said only that a car was on fire on the street outside the embassy.

There is also a fresh Reuters report from Tbilisi, Georgia, that a bomb targeting Israelis there was found and defused today. More information when we have it.

UPDATE Monday 14:30: Ynet quotes Israel's ambassador in Tbilisi: "So far it doesn’t look too dramatic. From what we know now, there was an attempt to place an explosive device on a car belonging to one of our local employees. He noticed it while he was on his way to us, and alerted the authorities. The device was defused... These kinds of things are part of the job. It's very unpleasant, but it's always in the back of our mind." A spokesman for the Georgian Interior Ministry is quoted saying the driver of the embassy vehicle noticed a package attached to his car's undercarriage and alerted police who found a grenade that was defused."

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