Monday, October 03, 2011

3-Oct-11: Quote of the day: Pres. Obama says Al Qaeda leadership decimated and therefore...

Via Reuters this evening:
"U.S. President Barack Obama said Monday it would be "very difficult" for al Qaeda to launch another major attack on the United States, as its leadership has been decimated... Asked by ABC News whether the "strategic defeat" of al Qaeda was at hand, Obama said: "We have done more in the last couple of years than any time in the last 10 years to bring that about... When you look at the entire leadership tier of al Qaeda, they have been decimated... I think we're in a position over the next couple of years, if we stay on it, that it's going to be very difficult for them [al Qaeda] to mount the kind of spectacular attacks that we saw on 9/11".
Let's hope these are mere political sentiments (meaning: never to be taken seriously - issued in order to achieve an effect in the world of public opinion) and not a reflection of the core assumptions behind day-to-day, life-and-death US government policy.

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