Thursday, April 07, 2011

7-Apr-11: More on this afternoon's rocket attacks on southern Israel

An hour ago, we reported on a direct hit taken by a bus in the south of Israel and the critical injuries suffered by a teenage boy. We now know this was a clearly-marked bright yellow  school bus. BBC says the bus had just finished unloading most of its children, leaving at least some of us to imagine what this jihadist attack might have reaped had more children had been on the bus when the anti-tank shell struck.

AFP says an additional fifteen rockets or mortars or anti-tank shells have been fired indiscriminately into Israel by the thugs of Gaza in the past couple of hours. Anything they hit is a win, and just firing is a victory because sowing fear is what makes them terrorists.

"None of you would give up on the security of your country, and Israel will also defend itself," Shimon Peres, Israel's president, told UN Security Council ambassadors during a visit to New York this afternoon, according to the Jerusalem Post.

To which we would add: No one, anywhere, would willingly put up with having a next-door neighbour armed to the teeth, and ready to fire his rockets in every direction, without striking back hard.

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