Sunday, November 07, 2010

7-Nov-10: Rockets and responses

A beautiful autumnal Saturday has just ended - mild weather, a light breeze, clear skies. And more rockets fired into Israel by the jihadists of the Gaza Strip. This morning's attack exploded in a field in the Sdot Negev area, near the border with the Hamas-controlled territory, according to Ynet. No one was injured, but the jihadists intend to spread terror and fear and see injuries and damage as a highly desirable but non-essential side-benefit. Around 180 rockets and mortar shells have been fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip so far since the start of 2010, an IDF spokesperson said in a briefing today.

Israeli air force planes carried out two strikes tonight (Saturday night) on targets in southern Gaza. Strike number one was near Khan Younis; the second was aimed at smuggling tunnels in Rafah, near the Gazan/Egyptian border. AFP, quoting Hamas, says a Palestinian who was in his house during the second attack was injured by shattering glass.

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