Monday, November 01, 2010

1-Nov-10: Firing terrorist rockets at Israelis: has Hamas changed its jihadist policy? You decide

Want to know how the terrorist organization Hamas views the firing of missiles into Israel?

Take your pick. Is this their policy?
Hamas strongman Mahmoud Zahar says Gaza militants who fire rockets at Israel violate an agreement among Palestinian factions not to do so and face possible arrest. Zahar's remarks published Saturday by the London-based newspaper Al-Hayat are among the clearest yet on the policy of Gaza's Hamas rulers toward rocket squads. Source: Associated Press Sunday 31-Oct-10
Or this?
"Senior Hamas official Mahmoud Zahar said that anyone who fires rockets from Gaza into Israel is a "rebel." In an interview with the Arabic language daily Al Hayat, quoted by Israel's Channel 10 Saturday, Zahar explained that Hamas vowed to adhere to a cease-fire agreement reached with Israel following Israel's assault on the Strip in late 2008."Did we agree to the truce in order to stick to it, or to violate it?," Zahar said. "Do they expect us to give a round of applause to people who rebel against their organization?" he asked, referring to so-called rebels firing rockets in violation of the truce." Source: Haaretz, Friday 30-Oct-10
Or this?
"Senior Hamas official Mahmoud Zahar has dismissed indication by media reports of a change in the Islamic movement's stance toward anti-Israeli resistance. The London-based al-Hayat daily newspaper published an article, citing the Hamas leader as describing those launching rocket attacks against Israel as “mutineers against their own factions.” "First of all, I have not spoken at all to many newspapers recently. Secondly, during meetings over security arrangements, there has been reference to single cases within some factions," Ma'an news agency quoted Zahar as saying on Sunday. Our official stance is that any Israel incursion in any area will be dealt with as an incursion whether it is in the north, the south or the center," the Hamas official stated." Source: Iranian PressTV news service today
We'll stick with the Iranians. They have a proven, deeply intimate familiarity with the terrorist policies of the Hamas jihadists. We're concerned that people don't take the Iranian regime's threats and rantings seriously enough. Experience shows they should be very, very carefully heard.

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