Saturday, December 20, 2008

20-Dec-08: Now we're officially into the post-calm period...

The Palestinian terrorists in Gaza fired two Qassam rockets into Israel's western Negev area last night (Friday). Earlier on Friday, Palestinian gunmen took pot-shots at farmers working the fields of Kibbutz Nir Oz in Israel's Eshkol region. A number of vehicles sustained bullet damage but fortunately no one was injured. As we repeatedly point out, this is never the intention of the terrorist thugs. It's simply the most they are able to manage, and they don't lack for opportunity or freedom to keep trying.

During Saturday, 8 Gazan Qassam rockets struck open areas along Israel's border with Gaza including two that landed near Ashkelon. In addition, a dozen mortar shells were fired by the Gazan terrorists into Israel during the afternoon, landing in Israeli towns and communities around the central and northern parts of the Gaza Strip.

One struck a youth clubhouse at a kibbutz close to the Gaza Strip. Had it been filled with teenagers, the attack might have gotten some news coverage. But it's nothing more than the latest in a multi-thousand-attack list of rockets, mortars, sniper-fire and bomb-plantings perpetrated by the Islamicists of Gaza in their ongoing struggle to kill Jews. (We're open to other ways of looking at this. But be prepared to substantiate any alternative viewpoints.)

Names of towns and specific locations are rarely included in our reports or in the Israeli media as a security measure. Why give the barbarians any help with their targeting?

Israelis are not expecting the steady escalation of Gazan demonization, racist rhetoric, bullets, mortars and rockets to end anytime soon. A pity the process is getting so little media coverage outside our country. How are people going to make sense of the inevitable robust Israeli response if and when it comes?

Above: From this evening's home page at the Haaretz website.

Update: The day's tally of missiles fired from Hamas-controlled Gaza into Israel for Saturday: 13 Qassams, 23 mortars. And it's still only 11:15pm. How much of this was reported where you live?