Monday, March 18, 2013

18-Mar-13: Shooting attack near Israeli community of Kedumim

From the scene
Too soon to have more than the briefest of details, but we have just gotten a report of a drive-by shooting attack close to Kedumim, an Israeli community of 3,500 located in the Samarian hill country of central Israel.

The indications are that the shooter is a Palestinian Arab, and the victim an Israeli pedestrian who took a bullet in the leg. This happened around 10:30 Monday morning. Times of Israel reports that the shooter fled in in a white or gray Hyundai Getz.

Israel National News quotes Boaz, an eyewitness: "I stood at Kedumim Junction facing the hitchhiking station. I saw a man standing there and a person in a white Hyundai Getz vehicle asking him for directions to Shechem. He pointed straight ahead. I heard a shot and then the vehicle moved. He jumped in my direction. I saw that he had been shot in the legs. I took off my shirt and applied a tourniquet."

Site of the shooting: the hitch hiking post
near the entrance to Kedumim [Ynet]
Various reports say the victim is a man of about 60, a resident of Shavei Shomron. JPost says he was standing at the hitch-hikers post when shot. Police and IDF roadblocks have been thrown up in the area as part of the search for those responsible for the shooting.

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