Tuesday, July 21, 2020

21-Jul-20: Hope via realpolitik and how did the line between good and evil get so blurred? [AUDIO]

Over at the The Land of Israel Network where they focus on "broadcasting the truth and beauty of the land of Israel and the Jewish people", Eve Harow has her own program, Rejuvenation.

Eve is an Israeli radio personality of some distinction as well as a public speaker and - when tourists are more plentiful than in today's challenged times - a much-in-demand licensed tour guide.

On July 20, 2020, Eve's "Rejuvenation" program hosted Arnold Roth under the title "Morality and Money". The money part relates to recent steps taken by the US legislature to 'encourage' a racalcitrant Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to finally, long after the US started requesting this, extradite the world's most wanted female fugitive, Ahlam Tamimi, to Washington.

Given the values exhibited by the Jordanians who, from the peak of their regimented and monarchical society to the most common of its people, embrace Tamimi as a hero, it's hard to know how the word "morality" got a mention.

These notes come from Eve's hosting page:
Arnold and Frimet Roth are at a critical juncture in their 19 year battle for justice. The terrorist who planned the murders of their daughter Malki and 14 others while wounding 130 at Jerusalem’s Sbarro’s pizza shop in August 2001, might now be extradited to the US from Jordan where she’s hailed as a hero. Arnold joins Eve to speak of hope via realpolitik, the disappointments and betrayals, pay for slay, the ongoing grief and the journey detailed here – thisongoingwar.blogspot.com How has the line between good and evil become so blurred? Can we help to redraw it?
Click below for the audio of the interview.

Thanks for the opportunity, Eve. 

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