Saturday, February 03, 2018

03-Feb-18: Friday night Gazan rocket attack - the second in two nights

As the Sabbath departs, we're at our desk catching up on the developments of the past 25 hours. As happens far too often, terrorism is part of the story.

At about 9:30 pm Friday night, “Red Alert” in-bound-rocket warning sirens were heard across a broad swath of southern Israel. The last Arab-on-Israeli rocket attack emanating from Gaza was all the way back on... the previous evening (see our earlier report).

Israel National News quotes the IDF confirming that a rocket fired by hostile forces in Gaza exploded in an open region, causing no injuries and little damage. According to Haaretz, Israeli air force planes late Friday night struck two Hamas targets in Gaza by way of response, hitting what it called "terror targets belonging to Hamas" in the southern part of the Strip, part of a military facility. 

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