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09-Jun-16: The Tel Aviv killings: Hamas claims credit but Fatah/PA demands some of the glory too

The Arabic caption, depicting a sweet, traditional Ramadan
dessert and a bullet, reads “Tel Aviv operation.” Shehab Agency
is known as the media face of the Hamas terrorists [source]. 
This season is known as peak time for acts of Pal Arab jihadistry
It's a bright and sunny Thursday morning here in Jerusalem - idyllic weather, calm in the air, a festive atmosphere as residents are busy with the pleasures of this coming weekend's Shavuot festival.

In Tel Aviv, the murderous attack last night on the Max Brenner chocolate store in the busy and popular Sarona open-air market precinct is still being scrutinized - by those who were there and survived, by the hundreds of thousands who work nearby or pass by daily, by the authorities responsible for preventing threats to public well-being, by the news media trying to find (and often failing) to sound the right tone. (And note that there are reports of a gag order preventing disclosure by the media in Israel until June 16.)

Ynet names those murdered last as:
  • Idan Ben-Aryeh, 42, from Ramat Gan; 
  • Ilana Nave, 39, from Tel Aviv; 
  • Dr. Michael Feige, 58 from Midreshet Ben-Gurion; 
  • Mila Mishayev, 32, from Rishon Lezion.
As for who did the killings, a statement was issued early this (Thursday) morning claiming the two armed shooters who launched the frenzied machine-gun attack on diners were acting in the name of Hamas.

The Islamist terrorist group posing as a government has claimed credit - via its official Twitter account (yes, such a thing exists) - for the killings and injuries, and has praised the assailants both of whom are alive and in the hands of the appropriate Israeli authorities. It calls the shootings “heroic” and it suggests - via a chilling cartoon image [here] - more attacks are going to follow during Ramadan, the month-long Muslim religious observance that began this week. The Arabic caption, depicting a sweet, traditional Ramadan dessert, reads “Tel Aviv operation.”

Times of Israel assesses the human price this morning this way:
At least four people were killed in the terror attack Wednesday night at [Sarona]... another 16 were injured, including three in serious condition... 
The Sarona mall website (click to enlarge)
Ma'an News Agency gives their names as Muhammad Ahmad Moussa Makhamreh and Khalid Muhammad Moussa Makhamreh. They are 21 year old cousins from Yatta, a village near Hebron. One of them is said by Hamas to be a student at a Jordanian university.

Ismail Haniyeh, one of the leaders of the Hamas terrorists, is widely quoted this morning calling one of the two terrorist-shooters a “hero” and intimated, for those concerned with the finer aspects of the Islamist outlook on life, that he was "praying for his soul". Times of Israel says Hamas called the killings of diners seated in a cafe “a message from children of the resistance to leaders of the occupation, especially [Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman]”...

Another Hamas statement, quoted by Ma'an, says the shooting attack
was the first “good omen” for Palestinians and the first “surprise” for the “enemy” during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which began on Tuesday. Hamas spokesman Hussam Badran applauded the shooters, adding that the fact that they were able to enter Israel from the occupied West Bank showed the failure
of the Israelis. This Hamas Arabic-language article is entitled "Tel Aviv the first signs of the holy month". You learn a lot once you understand what holiness means in the lexicon of this religion-based organization.

Unable to take the risk of appearing less blood-lusting than their Islamist rivals, Fatah - the party that controls the Palestinian Authority and that is headed by the PA president, Mahmoud Abbas - also issued a statement today: Israel is “reaping the repercussions of choosing violence against the Palestinian people.”  According to Ma'an, Fatah media committee head Munir al-Jaghoub said the shooting was an “individual and natural response” to Israeli state violence and that "Israel must realize the consequences of its persistence to push violence, house demolition policies, forced displacement of Palestinians, raids by Israeli settlers to the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, and the cold-blooded killing of Palestinians at checkpoints”. Fatah's expert made no observations on the morality of opening fire on unarmed non-combatants in a public space crowded with innocent people,.

Palestinian Arab society is in a social-media frenzy this morning adding two fresh candidates [here] to its lengthy list of weapon-toting role-models for their children and heroic figures to be praised by their political and religious leaders.

Israelis, us among them, are asking, even as three of the Israeli victims are still fighting for their lives in intensive care at nearby Ichilov hospital this morning (one of the shooters is being treated there too), whether all the security that could reasonably be deployed was present last night, and whether it can currently be found in all the other locations where it may be needed. The evidence is that the jihadists and those who dispatch them know how to read news reports.

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