Tuesday, May 03, 2016

03-May-16: Near Dolev, a vehicle-ramming attack on Israelis tonight

Haparsa Junction as it looked in reports of last year's murder there
of Danny Gonen [Image Source]
Another Arab-on-Israeli car ramming attack took place this evening. The victims are three Israelis serving in the IDF at the checkpoint located at Haparsa Junction near Dolev, a Jewish community in the Binyamin region north of Jerusalem and about 9 km west of Ramallah, an Arab city where the PA has its administrative offices.

According to Times of Israel, the three were struck by a passing car. IDF forces "responded to the imminent threat" and shot the assailant dead at the scene, according to an IDF spokesman. Haparsa has been repeatedly in the news in recent months for Arab-on-Israeli fire-bomb and rock-hurling attacks. [Click for recent Twitter reports.]

One of the soldiers is in serious condition and has been airlifted to Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer Hospital near Petach Tikva. The other two have moderately injuries and received emergency care at the scene.

Maan News Agency quoting Arab sources says a Palestinian Arab driving a mid-sized truck (and they have a photo that indeed shows a truck here) on a road between the villages of Beitunia and Ein Arik hit three Israeli soldiers by accident with his vehicle while they were crossing the road:
The driver fled the scene "fearing for his life," witnesses said. Israeli forces chased him and a separate unit erected a barrier further down the road. Israeli forces fired on him repeatedly and he was left bleeding from several bullet wounds inside his car without receiving treatment until he died, before Israeli forces transferred the body to an unknown location, witnesses said. The Palestinian was later identified as Ahmed Riyad Abd al-Aziz Shehada, 36, from the Qalandiya refugee camp in the Ramallah district... [Maan News Agency, tonight]
A terror attack at about the same location near Dolev ten months ago ["16-Jul-15: Abbas' expensive PA reward-for-terror funding scheme pays dividend yet again"] took the life of Danny Gonen, earned explicit admiration from Hamas and turned out to have been done by a salaried employee of the PA. 

At this stage, we know nothing about this evening's perpetrator beyond what we wrote above. But since he died in the attack, it's a certainty that posters celebrating his martyrdom are being prepared at this very moment in some Arab print shop.

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