Friday, March 11, 2016

11-Mar-16: A Jew is stabbed near Jerusalem's Jaffa Gate

UPDATE: The alleged stabber is now in the hands of police
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There is a police chase underway in Jerusalem as we write these words.

An Israeli male dressed in the distinctive garb of the Haredim, said to be about 29 years old, was stabbed in the back by a suspect believed to be an Arab. No indication yet whether the assailant is male or female, old or young. The attacker fled the scene of the attack, which took place in the in an alleyway known (in Hebrew) as Ma’alot Chaldiyah, close to busy Jaffa Gate, the busiest of the entrance points into Jerusalem's Old City.

The victim's knifing injuries are said (according to Times of Israel) to be moderate. He was rushed from the scene by ambulance and is in a Jerusalem hospital for emergency treatment right now.

The knife used in the stabbing was found on the ground nearby by police.

In its Arabic edition (but not in the English, which its publishers know gets scrutinized by critics), Ma'an News Agency calls the Jewish victim not a Jew and not an Israeli (which is what the English-language version calls him) but a "settler".

The Arabic-speaking editors at Ma'an, from their desks several kilometers away, are extraordinarily clever at identifying settlers - a term of denigration in their lexicon. The acuity of their vision is hugely improved by the bank accounts, filled with funds provided by unwitting tax-payers in Europe who finance their countries' foreign aid programs, on top of which they sit as they tap their stories into their computers. Such clever Ma'an people.

UPDATE 2:45 pm Friday, March 11, 2016: According to Ynet, the stabber is a 19-year-old male from somewhere unidentified in the Judea and Samaria area. He had escaped after plunging the knife into his victim "but was found hiding in one of the nearby alleys shortly thereafter by police and Border Police with the help of the police's Mabat 2000 unit, which has security cameras all over the city." On a social media site, a photo of his Israel-issued identity card appeared [here].

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