Wednesday, February 03, 2016

03-Feb-16: In Jerusalem, a shooting attack

Israel National News reports that two Border Guard officers, young women aged 19 and 20, were seriously injured this afternoon (Wednesday) in a terrorist shooting assault close to the Old City of Jerusalem's Damascus Gate. It happened around 2:00 o'clock. 
One of the young officers is said to be in critical condition. Both have been rushed to hospital for emergency care. 

There appear to have been three attackers, Arabs armed with concealed sub-machine guns, as well as knives and explosives. After they opened fire, nearby security personnel returned fire, killing the three. They are thought to have come to the site from the Jenin area in Samaria. Times of Israel says the current assessment is the attackers had no history of violent activities according to the Shin Bet. 

UPDATE 8:00 pm Wednesday February 3, 2016: Sadly, Hadar Cohen, 19, from Or Yehuda, one of the Border Police officers injured in the shooting/stabbing attack, has died of her injuries after efforts to save her life at Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital, Mount Scopus, failed. Times of Israel says she entered the Border Police service just two months ago and was still undergoing training.

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