Thursday, December 31, 2015

31-Dec-15: Pal Arab attacker rams car into Israelis

Times of Israel reports that an IDF soldier was lightly injured this morning (Thursday) in a vehicle-ramming attack at a road Junction between Tapuah and the Palestinian Arab town of Hawara. He received emergency treatment at the scene from IDF medics before being taken by ambulance to Belinson Hospital, part of the Rabin Medical Center complex, in Petach Tikvah.

The IDF force, from the Givati battalion, was patrolling Route 60 and according to Ynet had stopped to conduct security checks of Palestinian Arabs. The attacking driver was shot dead at the scene, according to the army. Reports say he was a Palestinian Arab of 22, Hassan Bazur. No further details at this stage, but as observers of the passion for blood and death in their society know, he is being turned into a martyr via posters and celebrations as we type these words.

Hawara (or Huwwara), near Nablus, has seen multiple Arab-on-Israeli stabbings and vehicle ramming attacks in the past three months of violence.

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