Thursday, December 31, 2015

31-Dec-15: In Jerusalem, soldiers save two children from turning into murderers

These knives were taken from the two pre-teen Palestinian
Arab children yesterday [Image Source]
A small story that has probably slipped beneath the radar for most people. From Ynet today:
The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court on Thursday extended the remand of two 12-year-old Palestinian boys caught the previous day carrying knives. Police says the two planned to commit a stabbing attack, but they deny the accusations. The two children from Kafr 'Aqb were caught in Jerusalem around 6pm after raising the suspicion of police and civilians who saw them walking at the corner of Hahoma HaShlishit Street and Kheil ha-Handasa. Policemen at the scene approached the two and noticed they had their hands in their pockets. After searching them, the officers found the knives.
The two children made their way into town from their homes in Kafr Aqab, the northernmost Palestinian Arab neighborhood in East Jerusalem. Though located within Jerusalem's municipal boundaries, it's a mere two kilometers from Ramallah where the Mahmoud Abbas regime is based. The town had roughly 10,000 residents when a census was last conducted in 2006. One of the other residents was a young man called Ahmad Hamada Quneibi, 23, who was shot dead by Israeli security personnel on October 30, 2015 in the course of carrying out a murderous terror attack in Jerusalem. At the time it happened, we wrote this:
In the past few minutes (it's now Friday 1:45 pm), a stabbing attack by Arabs was launched on Israeli civilians standing at a tram stop in the Ammunition Hill section of Jerusalem. Israel National News says one of the injured is a yeshiva student of 22 with stab wounds to the upper body. He is evidently only one of several victims. The attacker was shot dead. No details about his identity yet. ["30-Oct-15: As Hamas announces more rage, "lone wolf" attackers pounce on cue"] 
Now we know his identity. At a guess, his "martyrdom" is probably one of the factors that brought a couple of twelve year-old kids to emulate some of his "fame" yesterday.

What a tragically-flawed, massively-self-destructive society they are creating for their children over there.

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