Friday, July 03, 2015

03-Jul-15: Inbound rocket warnings heard in southern Israel

Around 4:20 pm Friday (today), Israel's Color Red rocket warning system began sounding across southern Israel. Details are still sketchy but Times of Israel says an explosion inside Israel was detected. Ynet is reporting a rocket landing in
an open area at the Eshkol Regional Council, close to then Israeli-Egyptian border. Because of the proximity to the border, the IDF believes the rocket was possibly fired from the Sinai Peninsula and not from the Gaza Strip.
UPDATE Friday 6:30 pm: According to Reuters:
Militants [a hopelessly inadequate word that deliberately conceals more than it reveals about Islamist terrorists] in Egypt's Sinai peninsula fired a rocket into southern Israel on Friday, causing no casualties, an Israeli military source said, confirming earlier media reports. "Yes, the rocket was fired from Sinai," the source said. Israeli police said the rocket landed in an open area causing no damage or casualties.
A revised version of the Ynet report now [Friday 6:55 pm] refers to a claim of "credit" by an especially notorious group of Islamist savages:
The Islamic State-affiliated Salafist organization in Gaza, the Sheikh Omar Hadid Brigade, claimed responsibility over the firing of the Sinai-made rocket.
The intentions of the terrorists with the rockets were certainly not to hit an open area and to inflict no damage and no casualties. Their intentions were, and routinely are, murderous. This point is somehow overlooked by the editors of news reports like this one who are evidently content to have their readers walk away with the impression that this was something military or militant, whatever that means. This was an attempt to kill people - any people, just so long as they were on the Israeli side of the border. So long as editors allow their timidity and brainless devotion to "We're not comfortable being judgmental about this", most people in most people are going to remain clueless about the dangers posed to them and their communities by terrorists in general and Islamist terrorists in particular.

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