Wednesday, December 17, 2014

17-Dec-14: A request to gentle readers: please comment!

We get a lot of you here every day, but not so many comments.

So this is a request: please do comment. Not just today, but whenever you see something here that's comment-worthy.

It's a bit of a puzzle to us that, with gratifyingly high numbers on both our Twitter stream and here on the blog, so few readers actually express themselves. Are we offending you? We assume not, otherwise you would leave. Are we saying what you think? Maybe, but that can't be true all the time. You think it's a waste of your time? Maybe, but many of the issues we discuss here affect you and your communities, and we surely feel they affect us and our lives which is of course why we blog.

So please go to it, folks. We respect comments. We appreciate comments. We love comments. And we really do want to know what you're thinking. (And if ever you want to comment without having your thoughts appear in public, send them to us at this email address.)


Anonymous said...

I usually agree with you and seldom have something to add. But I'm also not sure the comments are getting through this protocol used.

Levy.Betty said...

I love your blog!! It is one of those such as Israel Mazav and Aussie Dave and Elder that I read to make sense of the often incomprehensible illegible dross that passes for news reporting on the Middle East. I don't comment because others are far more knowledgeable and verbal than I . Thank you for your work. I only hope your audience will grow and be read by those more influential
And connected to decision makers. said...

Also a mystery to me that there are usually few comments on this excellent and informative website...which graphically highlights Arab duplicity and their limited commitment to any recognizable moral system…comments give the writers valuable feedback…and the writers here are tireless researchers who deserve much support for their work…S H Cohen

Anonymous said...

I used to post comments on Israeli websites a lot. These days I don't know what to say anymore. I'm completely baffled by the fact that such a high percentage of voters are still interested in politicians advocating for the partition of the country.

No amount of terror from Gaza and from the "moderate" PA or threats from abroad seem to elicit any sign of a real survival instinct expressing itself in long-term plans for the security of the country and its citizens.

The truth is that there is no plan, while the government continues to allow Arabs to create facts on the ground.