Tuesday, November 18, 2014

18-Nov-14: Murderous attack by Palestinian Arab terrorists on people at prayer in Jerusalem house of worship

We are sickened by some of the reporting on this morning's assault on people at prayer in a Jerusalem synagogue. The killings, the maimings, and the celebration going on throughout Palestinian Arab communities at this moment are a horror in themselves. But for those of us who see larger and more malevolent forces at work beyond the actions of the barbarians with the knives and guns in their hands, and especially the role played by the news reporters and their editors, this is a black day. But there are messages here, as well as lessons to try to impart to those who have not yet learned. We will try to articulate some of those in the coming hours. Though there are plenty of photos and videos circulating of the dead killers and of the carnage, we prefer to post photos of the innocent victims and will do that once they are released for publication. Understanding terror begins with understanding the terrorists' victims. One way or another, that means all of us.

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