Monday, November 03, 2014

03-Nov-14: If any Gazans are as infuriated as we are by Hamas fat-cat self-serving hypocrisy, make yourselves known

Current headline over at Times of Israel:
"Hamas chief’s sister treated in Israeli hospital | Several relatives of the Islamist group’s leaders known to enter reviled Jewish state to obtain medical care unavailable in Gaza"
Moussa Abu Marzook is deputy head of Hamas' political bureau, and about as inside as an insider in the terror world ever gets. 

If there are Gazans among our readers, be assured that when you are ready to rip into the bald-faced hypocrisy that brings someone like Abu Marzook to endanger (and kill) you and your children; to commandeer the basements of Gaza's few and inadequate hospitals in order to safeguard the Hamas leadership during a shooting war like the one we had in July and August; and to use human shields (Gazan human shields) to protect the rocket-men of the jihadist forces with zero regard for the price you and your children pay, then we will be ready to help you formulate some angry arguments and get them out to where they might do some good.

Until then, you are invited to see what we wrote just two weeks ago on essentially the same issue: "20-Oct-14: Sincere wishes for a complete and thorough recovery as soon as possible" and to help us get that out where people - especially people in Gaza - can see it.

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