Saturday, July 19, 2014

19-Jul-14: Where does it end?

Taking shelter from Gazan rocket attack in
Israeli community of Nitzan [Image Source]
Just received this note from a warm and supportive friend in Melbourne:
​you, your family and nation and all innocents in our thoughts
where if ever does it end
Our reply:
It's not going to peter out - not now, not ever. If powerful, weapons-enhanced hatred is going to be brought to an end, that will be only because it was stopped by those who oppose them. Head-in-the-sand optimism surely is not going to do it.
What you can say about the current battle in this ongoing war is that the ideological lunatics of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood have succeeded in unifying Israel's fractious society around the idea that this has been forced onto us, and that sending thousands of our sons down south to stop the rockets and the men who fire them is simply unavoidable. And so too the deaths of innocents which are the inevitable consequence of the campaign of jihad.
Everyone, I can tell you, wishes there were a different way to look at this but there plainly is not.

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Anonymous said...

When does it end?

In 2007, I wrote an article in which I talked about this, although in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. With your permission, I would like to excerpt parts of the article:

"My wife has used an expression that I think applies to the Middle East situation: 'Until Moshiach comes.'"

In a nutshell, that would be my answer to the question.

"I was one of those who sincerely hoped that with the Egyptian-Israeli peace negotiations the Arabs were sincere in their desire to 'drive Israel into the sea'...I was hoping that Arafat meant what he said about abrogating the Palestinian charter which called for the destruction of Israel...

"Now, it is 59 years after the founding of the State of Israel, and I am wondering what has been accomplished in that time. I now have great doubts that any of the Arabs are willing to give on ANY issue to Israel in order to get what they want...The Arab side gave lip service to its obligations, but it seems that they are demanding that Israel must concede all of their return for peace. Doesn't Israel have requirements that must be fulfilled in these talks? What about secure and recognized borders? What about allowing every religious group free access to the Old City of Jerusalem? What about having a secure Jewish state (among 22 Arab states in the region)?

"We even withdrew from Gaza--and look what happened. Instead of taking advantage of a 'Palestinian state,' terrorists in Gaza are shelling Sderot. Will that get the Palestinians closer to a state in the West Bank? Not likely--it is more probable that the Arabs will demand complete control of the West Bank, Gaza--AND Israel. When Arafat was offered 95% of the West Bank and some of the Old City in 2000, it wasn't enough. It certainly won't be enough for the Hamas terrorists in Gaza--and probably not for Fatah, either, since there is no real 'moderate' on the Palestinian side."

What is discouraging about the things I read and write is that they could be read and written today with very little change. Sadly, I fear that we will need to continue to fight the Palestinians "until Moshiach comes."