Monday, January 06, 2014

6-Jan-14: Czech expert: Palestinian Authority's people have "played theatre" with bomb investigators

From the English-language news section of the Czech news and analysis site České Noviny. We have highlighted the parts that appear to have gotten little to no coverage outside the Czech Republic and Israel. The headline is: "Palestinians may have used Czech Republic for arms transit: Czech expert":
Palestinians may have used the Czech Republic for weapons transit, former Czech chief-of-staff Jiri Sedivy has told server, reacting to the unregistered weapons the police uncovered at Palestine´s embassy in Prague where a safe explosion killed the ambassador on Wednesday.The safe exploded in the brand-new building that is to become the embassy´s new seat.
"Maybe the affair in question involves a well organised weapons and explosives distribution network, including the weapons´ further recipients", said Sedivy, who now heads the security studies section at Prague's CEVRO Institut university.
He said he was not speaking of terrorism but of the gathering and distribution of military equipment that could be used in an action if need were. "This is the worst of the variants I'm thinking about," Sedivy said.
According to available information, 70 firearms, unregistered by Czech authorities, have been found in the future embassy building in Prague 6-Suchdol. The Palestinians have not explained the weapons´ presence in the building.
"I´m horrified. This is not only a blatant violation of diplomatic norms and habits but also of security rules related to keeping such an arsenal, that also implies the tragic death of ambassador Jamal al Jamal," said Sedivy.
He said he is afraid that apart from Prague, similar arms arsenals may also be secretly kept at other Palestinian embassies in Europe and overseas.
"I my opinion this is very probable. The [Prague] blast, which occurred by sheer coincidence, may have uncovered something incredible...on the verge of monstrosity," Sedivy said.
He said Palestinian representatives have "played theatre" within the investigation into the case so far.
Their possible explanation that the weapons were to help defend the embassy is unacceptable. No one jeopardised Palestinians in Prague, Sedivy said.
"From the beginning it has not been a mere minor local scandal that would be soon over... but an incident of international dimensions," Sedivy said.
He said the find of the weapons at the future Palestinian embassy is a far more complex issue than how official places have presented it.
Sedivy also said he does not trust the version about the exploding safe that killed the ambassador.
"This is utter nonsense... In my opinion, he died as a result of improper manipulation of an explosive," Sedivy said, adding that the ambassador probably did not respect safety rules for handling an explosive. [Source]
People in Europe and elsewhere, living on the same streets as PA embassies and diplomatic residences, owe it to themselves to call in the authorities and get assurances about the nature of what's being held inside those houses and buildings. Ignoring what has just happened in Prague - or worse, relying on the assurances of Palestinian Arab diplomats, is, as the Czech expert said, utter nonsense.

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Rami de Lieme said...

There is no Palestine yet and as long as Abas and his ministers keep on glorifying terrorism against Israel and the Jewish people there will be no Palestinian state.
There it is the fault of European governments to invite ambassadors of a terrorist non state into their countries.
Shame on Europe.