Friday, December 27, 2013

27-Dec-13: Yet another Gazan rocket attack on Ashkelon area last night

There was rocket fire from Gaza into southern Israel yesterday (Thursday) morning. We reported on that here. But since this is a no-lose proposition for the terrorism-addicted jihadists of Hamas-run Gaza, and since their stocks of concealed rockets are believed by Israeli intelligence to be in the many thousands, they took another shot last night. Their goals, as anyone who cares to look at the situation can see, are to strike again and again and achieve one or both of two goals: to injure Israelis or better yet to kill some; and to provoke an Israeli military response of the kind that will frame Hamas Gaza as a victim.

Yesterday (Thursday) evening, around 7:45 pm, an explosion was heard in the Ashkelon region which had been hit earlier in the day [our report]. Ynet says the Color Red alert siren was heard in the area, and that no injuries or damage had been reported. Security forces in the Hof Ashkelon region were carrying out searches to try to locate the remnants of the incoming rocket.

Israel Hayom reports that the evening rocket crashed into an open area near Ashkelon, Israel's major southern coastal city. IDF aircraft responded with a strike on a weapons manufacturing facility and a weapons storage facility in the Gaza Strip during the night, and says a Palestinian Arab was wounded in the strike.

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