Thursday, October 24, 2013

24-Oct-13: Dead terrorists: how many are being delivered?

Al Akhras and one of her victims [Newsweek,
April 15, 2002]
Maan News Agency says tonight:
Israeli authorities agreed Thursday to return the bodies of seven Palestinians killed by the Israeli army, a Palestinian official told Ma'an. Salem Khelleh, an official in charge of a national campaign to return the remains to West Bank families, said Israel would deliver the bodies to Qalqiliya on Nov. 5. Khelleh told Ma'an the names of the seven deceased Palestinians: Ahmad Yasser Saleh from Asira al-Qibliya - Nablus; Ayat al-Akhras from Dheisheh refugee camp - Bethlehem; Sami Bsharat from Tammun - Jenin; Majdi Khanfar from Silat al-Dhahr - Jenin; Mohammad Mustafa Shahin from Doura - Hebron; Ahmad Ayed al-Faqih from Dura - Hebron; Mahmoud al-Qawasmi - Hebron. Before the bodies are delivered to their respective families, Khelleh said, they will be taken to the medical center at al-Quds University for DNA testing. Israel's decision to return the bodies comes in conjunction with the US-brokered peace talks with the Palestinians.
Al-Masri, the young religious fanatic from a wealthy Palestinian Arab family who exploded his guitar case inside the Sbarro restaurant on August 9, 2001, murdering 15 people including our daughter Malki, is not named in Ma'an's seven (see the background here).

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Michael Dar said...

Interesting to note: That small phrase blows 2 Fakestinian myths; al-Masri indicates the family's obvious origine "Egypt" and that "weathy family" proves that poverty and dispair is not the main reason for terrorism but well religious fanatism!